Company Introduction

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Bespoke Shop’s website!

My name is Thomas Bodfält and I’m the founder of the company. I have for quite some while now had an interest for classic menswear and have for the last two years made a transition from ready to wear (RTW) to bespoke. The thought of working with this passion of mine has been quite intriguing to me but I haven’t really been interested in working in an established haberdashery due to the fact that you as a company representative has to stick to the brands the company carries hence taking away the option of bespoke, which is the thing I like the most. I therefore decided to start my own company under the name The Bespoke Shop. The concept of the store will be to sell classic menswear of premium quality where fit isn’t a key factor, e.g. accessories, polo shirts etc. But these items should yet be of good enough quality to be able to compliment even the nicest bespoke garments. This allows both us and our customers to choose if we want to use our products with bespoke, MTM (made to measure) or RTW clothing. 

Except for our website we also offer a selection of our product range at Robin Pettersson Tailor’s showroom in Gothenburg. Robin who has his own affordable bespoke line is also the European representative of B&tailor and has by himself hand picked the products he displays and sells in his showroom. We highly recommend that you pay him a visit if you want to check out some of our products before purchasing, make sure to email him in advance at to see if he’s available. If you are into bespoke tailoring and feel like commissioning something new Robin’s your man for the job and offers some of the best bespoke tailoring available through B&tailor. 

We only look for products that we feel hold the highest standard both in terms of material and craftsmanship for a reasonable price. The brands we have chosen to start with are the following:

Rampley & Co - Pocket Squares (first retailer in Sweden)
E.G. Cappelli - Ties (first retailer in Sweden)
Passaggio Cravatte - Ties and pocket squares
Davide Solazzi - Cufflinks (first retailer in Sweden)
The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear - Sunglasses
Albert Thurston - Braces

We will look to expand our product range in the coming months both in terms of brands and product categories. 

This blog will include news about the company itself such as new stock and the making of some of our products. Apart from that we plan to feature content about our personal bespoke experiences. We will also look to do a few educational blog posts on classic menswear such as pattern coordination, skin and hair complexion and perhaps even a few historical ones. 

Lastly I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read this post. I hope you will continue to do so in the future when this blog is updated. We look forward to be able to deliver some of the best artisan made products in the world to our clients and we hope they will bring you a lot of joy. So ends this first blog post and the journey for the company can begin. 

Thomas Bodfält

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