Every end is a new beginning

Dear all,

I have for many years had a strong passion for classic menswear which led me to start The Bespoke Shop back in 2015 and the website was launched in 2016. The goal was to provide you with the best artisan made accessories that would go along even with the finest of bespoke garments and I also wanted to be the first to offer these brands in Sweden. 

As time went on I didn't have the time needed to properly maintain and develop the store due to advancement on my regular work and other stuff which came to occupy my time. This led to often sold out inventory and no search for new "hidden gems" to offer to the customers. 

I therefore decided to sell The Bespoke Shop to Robin Svensson owner of the premium MTM store in Gothenburg Rob & Co. Robin has worked with MTM for several years and is very knowledgeable of classic menswear. Some of the brands which have been offered on The Bespoke Shop have also been sold by Robin in his store such as Rampley & Co and E.G. Cappelli. I am quite happy with the fact that Robin is the one to take over after me. His knowledge and passion for classic menswear and the fact that he is very helpful in my experience will serve both the company and the customers very well. 

Lastly I want to thank all of my customers, suppliers and followers from the bottom of my heart who has supported me and the store throughout the years.

Thomas Bodfält

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