Samson & Delilah - The Bespoke Shop
Samson & Delilah - The Bespoke Shop Samson & Delilah - The Bespoke Shop Samson & Delilah - The Bespoke Shop Samson & Delilah - The Bespoke Shop
kr 850.00
  • 100 % silk
  • Painting motif
  • Multi colored
  • Handrolled edges
  • 42cm x 42cm
  • Designed and printed in Britain

  • Rampley & Co is a London based company specializing in premium quality pocket squares. The silk is very soft with rich colors and finely rolled edges. They mostly use carefully selected paintings from various artists as motifs for their pocket squares. 

    Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640, Samson and Delilah about 1609 – 1610, © The National Gallery, London

    This gentle scene depicts biblical characters Samson and Delilah sharing a tender moment. There is a vulnerability captured in this painting by the Flemish Baroque painter, Rubens. There is a softness in the pose and we as an audience take on a voyeuristic role gazing at a seemingly very intimate moment, however it is in fact a scene of ultimate betrayal. Delilah has managed to charm Samson into revealing the secret to his strength, his hair. 

    Rubens depicts a candlelit interior; the Philistines wait at the door, who have come to capture Samson while in a weakened and defenceless state. One of their number cuts Samson's hair, while an elderly woman provides extra light. In a niche behind is a statue of the goddess of love, Venus, with Cupid - a reference to the cause of Samson's fate. This painting was commissioned by Nicolaas Rockox, alderman of Antwerp, for his town house in 1609-10.

    The wonderful thing about printed paintings on pocket squares is that they can produce a number of different effects depending on how they are folded and creates a great topic for conversation once pulled out of the breast pocket.