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My name is Thomas Bodfält and I’m the founder of the company. I have for quite some while had an interest for classic menswear and in time made the transition (like many others) from ready to wear (RTW) to bespoke tailoring. The thought of working with this passion of mine was quite intriguing to me but I was never really interested in working in an established haberdashery due to the fact that you as a company representative have to stick to the brands the company carries hence taking away the option of bespoke, which is the thing I prefer for tailoring. I therefore decided to start my own company under the name The Bespoke Shop. The concept of the store is to sell classic menswear of premium quality where fit isn’t a key factor, e.g. accessories, polo shirts etc. But these items should yet be of good enough quality to be able to compliment even the nicest bespoke garments. This allows both us and our customers to choose if we want to use our products with bespoke, MTM (made to measure) or RTW tailoring.